About Concurrent Enrollment

Creating pathways between high schools and institutions of higher education is essential to fulfill the Colorado Promise of doubling the number of postsecondary degrees earned by Coloradoans and reducing by half the number of students who drop out of high school in the state. “Concurrent enrollment” means a student is simultaneously enrolled in a local education provider and in an institute of higher education or career and technical courses. Concurrent enrollment programs have existed for many years in Colorado. Reach Your Peak is committed to encouraging students to further their education and increase their opportunities for success through concurrent enrollment in high school.

Students who begin in these camps and continue through high school with concurrent enrollment courses, may qualify for Reach Your Peak scholarships to enable them to go to college. Students should check with their high school counselors to find out more about the concurrent enrollment options available in their home high schools and home colleges. The institutional contacts below can also be great resources.